Sell On Banta


How Do I Become A Banta Partner?

It’s easy to register on Banta. Just fill in the registration form . After registration, your account will be reviewed and a short interview will be conducted after booking through our online booking form. A member of the team will talk to you, ask you a few questions and answer any questions you may have. Upon successful application, your login details will be sent to you and you will be ready to upload and sell your products on Banta.

How Do Fees Work On Banta?

Joining and selling on Banta is free.

Once an item is sold, there is a 7.5% commission fee on the sale price (not including shipping costs). If you are not registered with the CAC, there is a 100 Naira fee for payment processing per item.

How Will I Get Paid

Payments will be made via Paystack to our partners that are registered with CAC. If you’re not registered with CAC, Payments will be made straight to your Bank account with a fee of N100 per transaction.

How Do I Manage My Inventory

As a Banta Seller, you  keep your items and dispatch them when an order has been placed with one of our trusted delivery companies.

Note that listing items that you don’t have in stock could result in to a penalty and restrict you from selling your goods on Banta

What Can I Sell On Banta?

At Banta, we sell everything from jewellery and clothing to homeware and more. We are always open to new product ideas and we’re constantly looking to diversify our product mix, working with independent designer-makers, designer-manufacturers and small boutique retailers.

Do I need professional images of my products to be accepted?

No. However, please bear in mind that we need clear, well lit photography as this would maximise your sales, quicken your approval process and ensure you’re getting the attention you deserve !